CRTC To Release UBB Decision Today: Background Reading

The CRTC will release its much anticipated usage based billing decision this afternoon at 4:00. There is no shortage of backgroud information for those looking to get up-to-speed.  My post on the conclusion of the summer hearing – The Usage Based Billing Hearing Concludes: Has the CRTC Come to Competition Too Late? – focused on the competition issues associated with UBB, noting that Bell “has worked tirelessly to limit the ability of independent ISPs to compete by limiting them to what Commissioner Katz terms “me-too” services that are largely indistinguishable from incumbent offerings and hold little chance of gaining significant market share. The Commission now appears to see that the goal should be full competition supported by as much provider differentiation as possible. The question is whether it has come to this realization far too late.”

Other posts on UBB include:

Peter Nowak provides his own backgrounder and JF Mezei, who deserves great credit for jump starting this issue politically, compiles a list of the files that will be addressed by the decision.

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