The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter, Day 26: Canadian Association of Media Education Associations

The Canadian Association of Media Education Associations is an association of Canadian media literacy groups from across Canada. The goal of CAMEO, through its member organizations, is to advocate, promote and develop media literacy in Canada. It provided a submission to the copyright consultation and had the following to say about digital locks:

The emphasis placed on technical measures in the legislation leaves the impression that the new copyright legislation has been written in this stringent fashion in order to conform to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. If this is true, then the provisions for regulation by the Governor in Council appear to be a kind of escape clause that would allow Canada to create some safeguards for our cultural and educational needs.

But if this is true, it would appear that the Canadian legislation is suffering from an excess of caution. While American media producers and educators enjoy a broad range of rights and freedoms under the Fair Use principles, Canadian producers and educators apparently have to wait for the Governor in Council to issue regulations that may mitigate the threat of prosecution. If this is the principal way that we are going to be informed about our rights as educators, the regulations should be broadly inclusive, and they should be issued promptly. A draft set of regulations would greatly increase educator’s confidence in the bill.

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