Government Cuts Funding For Community Access Program

The government has quietly notified Community Access Programs across the country that it is cutting funding for the longstanding program that provides Internet access to the public. Statistics Canada’s 2010 Canadian Internet Use Study found that 54% of low income Canadians still do not have Internet access at home. Industry Canada conducted an audit of the program in 2009.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    Not a pleasant development
    As a long-time member of National Capital FreeNet and a user of the local library’s Net-related resources, I suspect that I’ve long been a beneficiary of this program in years both lean and fat. Nor am I alone in this, probably.

    This seems a bad time to proclaim “mission accomplished” for CAP.

  2. Private Patronage
    I kind of doubt that any group can protest loud enough to regain the money lost because of this cut, but this is exactly the right opportunity to ask for private patronage / micro-patronage. Leave it too long, and the program will not be perceived as relevant. If you defined an even greater goal, like wireless FreeNET in every park & library, you would attract all kinds of attention, I think.

  3. Bill Wittur says:

    Digital Destination
    Unfortunately, the Conservatives don’t have the vision and are too heavily influenced by our small handful of media companies to shape Canada’s digital infrastructure into something that all Canadians can leverage productively.

    Hopefully, at some point in the future, we’ll have a government that can address these needs objectively.

    Until then, we’ll be comparable in digital rank with the worst countries on the planet.

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