Consumers International Releases 2012 IP Watch List

With the USTR Special 301 report slated for release next week, Consumers International has released its annual IP Watch List.  It adopts a consumer-oriented perspective, as the best-rated countries tend to be those with the broadest copyright limitations, that allow enough room for innovative reuse of content, and the free use of IP goods within a close circle of family and friends. The top five countries are Israel, Indonesia, India, New Zealand, and the United States.


  1. BMacEachern says:

    The United States?!?!
    OK then, I guess this means I’ll hold this report in the same regard as the Special 301 report. Or am I missing something in how the US is seen as the Evil Emperor of IP Enforcement yet they’re on this list of marvellous countries that don’t hamper innovation? YOu can’t have it both ways.

  2. The report verbiage claims it is balanced between “consumer access” and IP rights holders. Yet if you look closely, countries with a life plus 50 copyright duration are judged lower than countries with a life plus 70 term.

    All in all, looking through the report, plus more reading at their web site, they are strongly biased to countries that have extensive and flexible fair use laws.

  3. William Smith says:

    Conference Board of Canada?
    Was the Conference Board of Canada involved in the creation of this report? 😉