Government To Shift Do-Not-Call Enforcement Costs to Industry

The government has announced plans to shift the costs of CRTC enforcement of the do-not-call list to industry. The CRTC will conduct a consultation this spring with plans to implement the new structure by next April.


  1. Great…
    Great…another cost to be added to the Government Fee Recovery charge.

  2. Vickie Kostecki says:

    Does anyone actually enforce this now? I know I get more calls than I ever did.

  3. David Collier-Brown says:

    Gee, anything like water inspections?
    Once upon a time in Ontario, the government shifted the costs of inspecting waterworks to the waterworks, who had to hire and pay an outside inspector. At the time, it was compared to “making the crooks pay for the cops”, and caused a tiny little problem in Walkerton, with seven deaths.