Copyright Bill Back on the Agenda Next Week

The government has announced that Bill C-11, the copyright reform bill, will be back on the legislative agenda next week with the report stage and third reading set for Monday and Tuesday.

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  1. Get ready says:

    This is
    This is it folks.
    Any wagers on whether or not our friends in Hollywood and Nashville will shove in a few last minute amendments.

  2. Faceless says:

    Will they be able to block websites and know that I download from locker sites?

    Looks like my summer of me will be a bad one with this passing of this bill..see I don’t get out much Internet is my life! 🙂

  3. Anti C11 Person says:

    Why do we need this? Police are doing just fine enforcing current laws?
    A few weeks lots of raids and arrests, like this one:

    Only thing this will hurt is the little man, big pirate business will always be around, hire better lawyers, paid more in fines, and go back in business after they get busted, just like that happens right now with our current copyright and trademark and counterfeit laws, there is raids many times thruout the year.

    Only thing this law might do is stop some websites from hosting their illegal site in canada, but that will not stop them they will just move hosts to another country, canadians at home will still find ways to access those websites.

  4. Ya like they stopped the war on drugs and even with the tough on crime bill passed still going to be many crimes and lots of drugs on the street, bills don’t do shit.

  5. AppleSauce says:

    @ Anti C11 Person
    So that just means sites like isohunt would be shutdown right but the owner could just host it in another country? If that’s so then hosting business just lose money and we give our money some where else.

  6. sir dude
    well bill-c11 pass and become law before these bozo’s break for summer ?

  7. @dude
    Looks like it because they do have 3 more weeks until break. : / Hopefully though higher courts will see this bill for a lack of a better word… SHIT! 🙂

  8. Herr Harpler says:

    Its not so clear cut what “designed primarily to enable acts of copyright infringement” is. Its vagueness at its finest. You could easily dispute that on constitutional grounds simply because its discriminating (if isoHunt is guilty then so is everyone else, see further below). Writing crap into a law to call certain technologies infringing simply because Hollywood and Music industry demands it doesn’t mean its enforceable, far from it infact.

    To claim that the DMCA take down abiding isoHunt infringes copyright would place every other site containing infringing hyper-links under the bus as well. Merely linking to infringing material would be illegal, period, there’s no in-between since isoHunt is content neutral and automated….. just like Google or anyone else that provides a search engine. File locker sites would all be immediately liable as well, but that’s another topic…. (The U.S. is pushing their enforcement agenda that locker sites are used primarily to infringe as well and I’m sure that will be well tested in Canada under this discriminating C-11 provision)

    Remember that focusing on a single file type doesn’t make one search engine more infringing than the other. Just because torrents blew up as a way of distributing infringing content doesn’t outlaw said technology, claiming that it does in a majority “big content” written law is absolutely short sighted.
    Note that over 95% of the torrent listings found on isoHunt can be found on Google too! (And yes that claim was verified on many occasions and is used in their court cases too from what I understand.)

    Additionally, isoHunt has a Swedish server farm, so outright calling them illegal in Canada isn’t going to do much. What will probably happen at the most is isoHunt would have to block access to Canadian traffic or filter results like they do in the U.S currently…. So Canadians might have to use Google for torrents or use ThePirateBay instead? Please…. isoHunt wasn’t even ordered to shut down by the U.S. court issued injunction in their long drawn out MPAA case (which is still being appealed), so what makes you think big content will be able to shut them down here in Canada? Surely the MPAA has more power than the music industry…. (Look at what happened to Megaupload!)

    If you ask me, Gary is doing the world a favour, since what if Google or Youtube (can think of MANY more where that came from) was just starting up today? It would be wiped off the face of the earth by civil lawsuits (which are often fatal to startups) or have its domain seized by the DHS/ICE….. The current legal climate regarding copyright infringement is downright disgusting. See recently the MP3Tunes case, or the old for GREAT examples of startups being destroyed for offering what the big players now do. (Apple, Google, Amazon all offer music cloud storage now)

  9. Zu behaupten, dass der DMCA nach unten nehmen bleibende isoHunt Urheberrechte verletzt würden jedem anderen Standort mit rechtsverletzenden Hyper-Links unter dem Bus als auch zu platzieren. Lediglich Verknüpfung mit rechtswidrigem Material wäre illegal, Periode sein, es gibt keine in-zwischen ist seit isoHunt Inhalt neutral und automatisierte ….. genau wie Google oder andere Personen, die eine Suchmaschine liefert. File locker Standorte wären alle sofort haftet als gut, aber das ist ein anderes Thema …. (Die USA drängen ihre Durchsetzung Tagesordnung, dass Spind Seiten in erster Linie sind ebenso verletzen verwendet und ich bin mir sicher, das wird auch in Kanada werden im Rahmen dieser diskriminierenden Bestimmung C-11 getestet)
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