USTR Ambassador “Offended” By TPP Transparency Concerns

USTR Ambassador Ron Kirk has responded to a letter signed by dozens of legal academics (I signed on) expressing concern with the lack of transparency associated with the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. Kirk says he is “strongly offended by the assertion that our process has been non-transparent and lacked public participation.”


  1. It’s perfectly transparent, if your one of the people they decide to be transparent with. Otherwise, it’s none of your business so why should you care? Go away, you’re just trying to make the country less secure.

  2. Dwight Williams says:

    All respect to Mr. Kirk’s office…
    …but his assessment of the situation is, I strongly suspect, in error. Grievous error.

  3. David Collier-Brown says:

    That sounds like a “term of art”
    When diplomats fence, they do so politely: can anyone put this exceedingly odd response into context?

    I could interpret it as “you’re a liar, pants on fire”, or as “I have no reply, I’ll pretend to be insulted”.

    Anyone speak ambasadorese?