Bill C-11 Passes Third Reading, Heads to the Senate for Final Approval

As expected, Bill C-11 passed third reading in the House of Commons last night with a vote of 158-135. It now heads to the Senate, where it received its first reading last night.

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  1. Andrei Mincov says:

    The Parliament website presents the upcoming amendments to the Copyright Act in in a way no one can read. Not only is it unattainable to see what and how is being changed, you get lost in the multiplicity of versions.

    Because of this I made the version of Bill C-11 as it received Royal assent with all relevant markup at and also the version of the Copyright Act with all provisions of Bill C-11 incorporated into it at .

    These documents let you see clearly what changes have been made to the Copyright Act.

    Andrei Mincov