CRTC Chair Calls Out Bell Canada For Failing on Rural Broadband Commitments


  1. but what will happen?
    What will happen to Bell is they fail? My guess? Nothing.

  2. Wilf Lefresne says:

    The Rest of the Story
    I am not an unbridled supporter of Bell but sometimes they are wrongly attacked.

    Mr. Katz has conveniently forgot that Rogers challenged the CRTC ruling by means of an appeal to the Governor-in-Council. This legal process was only finalized in Feb of this year. Rogers lost.

    I know I would be hesitant to proceed if I was involved in a legal action.

  3. 1 hour out of Saskatoon says:

    broadband cost me $145.00 last month
    That’s just internet boys, phone is more yet. Community is small, house sales slow to non-existent. May have to let house go back to bank to leave community for more affordable net. ps internet is about 30 bucks for high speed in Saskatoon. Work on Linux distros and downloading is necessary and usually involves isos. Phone and internet runs about 220 a month. 1 hour out of Saskatoon bullshit expensive options, yup that’s Saskatchewans’ idea of rural broadband solutions.

  4. Wireless “dialup”
    I am 40 minutes south of Ottawa, between Kemptville and Winchester, both of which have real broadband. All we have access to is Xplornet wireless, which to say the least is not broadband, let alone high speed. As a matter of fact, I refuse to call it anything but wireless dialup.

    I realize that real high speed (wired) will never come out to rural areas, however, I do wish that an affordable stable option was available. Oh yeah, there is one – 😉

  5. @Colin.p
    I agree. I live near the Franktown Doppler Radar (near Ottawa) and while wireless highspeed is theoretically available (at 3 Mbps) for about $50 per month (50 GByte cap), there are holes in the coverage as a result of topology of the land. I am in one of those holes, and my neighbour, when they first signed up, could only get reliable service in the winter.

  6. Crockett says:

    Once again … Bell’s real motto
    Do ‘know’ evil 😀

  7. Rural Wireless Dialup
    I Really like the comment on Rural Wireless Dial up, i will start using it in the future.

    Frankly 50Gigs is lucky we have xplornet and a couple smaller companies and the best they offer is 5 Gigs a month download, at max 1.5gigabits per second rate. and that’s at 50+ dollars a month. if i want a 5 Gigabit per second download at 10 Gigabyte limit a month i would have to pay 80-90 dollars a month. its almost cheaper to get a fibre line to my house from Shaw in the city and pay the 45$ a month for 10X better download rate and unlimited download limit.

  8. Vicar Jean says:

    I use a Bell turbo Hub. I have to have some form of high speed for work, but our bills are routinely $200 per month due to the data we use. When will bell start treating Rural customers the same as the rest.

  9. I live in Moffat which is part of Milton (GTA) and have used Galaxy Broadband, Exlornet, Bell WiFi (till discontinued) and now Bell Turbo Hub. All are typically the same for speed in my opinion over the last 7 years. How can I be this close to the GTA and true high speed is only 5 minutes away? Huge charges from Turbo Hub usage is ridiculous. So I wait patiently for 2014 but won’t hold my breath.