Copyright Board Ruling Attracts Global Attention

A recent Copyright Board of Canada ruling that establishes a second tariff for music played at weddings, parades, and other events is attracting international attention. Howard Knopf assesses the multiple payments now required for music played at a single event.


  1. Dwight Williams says:

    Could this affect funerals as well?

  2. Yeah
    Pretty funny. Quite the wedding present.

    Have a guest list. Do not invite or allow music-industry or SOCAN/RE:Sound employees&associates to your: wedding, bar, banquet, convention, party, karaoke, cabaret, circus, home, or place of existence. Instead, laugh at them publicly. “I swear I was humming Greensleeves, not Gaga!”

  3. Hindgrinder says:

    Piracy – It’s for lovers…
    and the children.