Repeal ObamaCare by NOBama NoMas (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Repeal ObamaCare by NOBama NoMas (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Conservative Party Pledges to Repeal Bill C-10

Bill C-10 is officially an election issue.


  1. I don’t trust Mr. O’Toole. Or the people standing with and/or behind him, as allies or rivals for the role of leadership of the Conservative Party. Not on this.

    • what choice do we have? This bill will pass as the fix is in and the Liberals want to restrict our free speech. They want it badly tlo prove to China that Canadiasn can be forced to shut up.

      • You suspect that the Harper-Xi FIPPA deal is at the root of this particular bit of legislation? That Harper’s tied Trudeau’s hands by signing onto that deal?

  2. Justa Reader says:

    It’s good to hear, that they would repeal C-10. Some different people, but remember this is from the Conservative Party that brought you Bill C-11.

    Mr. Geist did an excellent contemporary writeup on how vocal opposition improved that law, which was a draconian in the SOPA/PIPA days:

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