Microphone by Matthew Keefe (CC BY 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/4zAGdb

Microphone by Matthew Keefe (CC BY 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/4zAGdb


Speaking Out on Bill C-10 and the Regulation of User Generated Content

The past week has seen a groundswell of public concern over Bill C-10 and the government’s plan to regulate user generated content. I have given numerous interviews, many of which do a nice job of distilling the key issues in an accessible manner. These include:

I’ve also appeared on several podcasts, including:

And don’t forget my column in Macleans on the government’s plans and this week’s Law Bytes podcast featuring Cara Zwibel of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. I’m grateful for the coverage and hopeful that Canadians will continue to pay attention, knowing that it seems likely that Guilbeault will seek to keep some user generated content regulation in Bill C-10 to go with his forthcoming mandated takedowns, website blocking, and the creation of a social media regulator in a future bill.


  1. Good job of standing up for the rights of disinfo purveyors and hatemongers like Ballingall and Levant. You’re probably the most obnoxious, narcissistic academic blowhard to disgrace Canada since Jordan Peterson. Look at all the free media attention you’ve gotten to whine about being censored.

    Go move to the States and buddy up with Ted Cruz to cry about cancel culture. Canada doesn’t need loudmouth libertarian gaslighters like you. You’re exactly why we need campus protest and a perfect example for why tenure should be abolished.

    • Hey George… before you nymshift you should remember to not use the same language and insults that he does, like labelling everything you’re against “libertarian”.

      If you aren’t the usual troll George… well fooled me, guess you’re another troll.

    • Bossanova says:

      Ted Cruz is Republican which the US equilivant to Conservative like the democRats are US liberisld you obviously are inept but nice try 😘

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  4. John Tillotson says:

    Dr. Michael Geist,

    Thank you for your hard work exposing the deep and dangerous threats to our nation, culture and very civilization that are being pursued by national and international actors today.

    Canada’s current “leaders” clearly think Orwell’s 1984 was a “guide” and not a “warning”. Thank you for exposing their hypocrisy and disinformation.

  5. Margaret Beresford says:

    Bottom line as long as you and every other protesting site uses —Facebook/Twitter etc., then there will never be any physical or criminal changes. Beyond me how any opposing group in history —used the very network of communications to transmit their goals, but far more importantly their damn actions. Are any of you sure your sane or co-opted?

  6. Margaret Beresford says:

    Oh, and as a obvious optic I use neither social media–and have not for over a decade….But manage perfectly to contact and be made connected on sites in the EU –US —Latin America–Muslim countries —law firms, legal renders of policies, bilateral orgs that give global bilateral trade agreements/and/ actions taken against them. Which is far more than any English speaking country has (ever) done.