Rodriguez screen shot, House of Commons, May 30, 2022,

Rodriguez screen shot, House of Commons, May 30, 2022,


Bill C-11 and User Content at the Heritage Committee: The Gaslighting Continues

The Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage continues its hearing into Bill C-11 today with hours of scheduled testimony and witnesses that include Netflix, Youtube, and CRTC Chair Ian Scott. The witness list is becoming notable both for who is not included (a bill called the Internet Streaming Act without TikTok or Amazon or Apple or Roku?!) and who is back for another appearance (Scott will surely face pressure to soften his earlier comment that the user content is included in the bill). For those Canadians that haven’t been paying close attention, I’ve compiled a short video on the hearing thus far, which has featured multiple witnesses confirm their concerns that the bill includes the regulation of user content and Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez pretending that he isn’t paying attention.

Video features clips from Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on May 18, 24, and 30, 2022. Rachael Thomas, Ian Scott, Morghan Fortier, Michael Geist, Irene Berkowitz, Matt Hatfield, Patrick Rogers, Scott Benzie, Pablo Rodriguez.


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