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The Staffieri or Scott Quiz: Can You Tell the Difference Between the Rogers CEO and the CRTC Chair?

The Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology hearing into the Rogers outage was notable for how similar Tony Staffieri, the Rogers CEO, and Ian Scott, the Chair of the CRTC, sounded on key issues related to the outage and the state of Canadian telecom regulation. In fact, Conservative MP Tracy Gray noted during the hearing that “listening to the answers from the executives at the CRTC, I felt like I was actually questioning senior telecom executives not the regulator.” Ms. Gray wasn’t wrong. While it is obviously the role of the CRTC to regulate the industry, the two were often indistinguishable, leading me to create this quiz with actual quotes from the hearing from Staffieri and Scott.  Can you tell the difference?


  1. No doubt they colluded on their positions and answers over beers in a pub.

    What a sham the CRTC is under Scott. He’s a mere puppet with the hands of big telco CEOs firmly up his ass making him say everything that comes out of his mouth.

  2. I guess I did pretty well. Got 75% at least which is something. Had to sit and think for a number of them.

  3. What we have here is “Regulatory Capture”.

  4. The wind the same because they both have the same goal: save their jobs…

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