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“Consumers May Lose Digital Content They Have Paid For”

Canwest covers the Canadian DMCA, noting that the bill is expected to hit Canadian consumers as they attempt to use their digital content.


  1. Vincent Clement says:

    Well, then, I guess I’ll just stop listening, watching, downloading and buying any digital content all together. If I can’t convert my kids DVDs to Xvid format so that they can watch movies in the van while travelling on vacation, then what is the point of buying anything?

    The MPAA and RIAA are shooting themselves in the foot. It’s too bad they are not shooting themselves in the head – it would be better for everyone.

  2. TIME SHIFTING? says:

    IS this some corporate term for pay and pay and pay again and here we will let you keep a copy on OUR device for a length a time as you rent the device.

    And as the guy above says. Shoot for your head , do us all the favor.

    I swear what ever party brings htis law is finished, and whomever supports it as well. THIS IS THE ONLY REASON IT HAS NOT BEEN TABLED. Remember this folks next time you vote that Conservatives would do this to you!!