It’s a Celebration

I know I've said this before, but the Sam Bulte issue continues to resonate, with articles this week in Macleans and the National Post (behind a paywall).  Moreover, constituents are still raising the issue with Bulte at all-candidates meetings.  The Toronto Star reports on last night's meeting, where the fundraiser concern popped up yet again. 

Bulte's response is interesting since it suggests that she's now searching for another basis for justifying Thursday's event.  Last week she argued that the fundraiser was merely being hosted (rather than sponsored) by the entertainment industry lobby groups.  Now, despite clearly labelling the event as a fundraiser on her own website, she's arguing it isn't a fundraiser at all.  Instead, in response to the question "How can we count on you to carry on. . . impartially when you are taking money from special interest groups?", the Star reports that Bulte responded:

"They are not hosting a fundraiser for me. It's a celebration of my support for the arts community."

Uh huh.  A cynic might say that it doesn't really matter what Bulte calls the $250 per person event (the invitation states that "all funds raised will go to Sam's re-election campaign"), since if the current polls are to be believed, it may ultimately be characterized as a farewell party.

Update:  The excellent National Post article is now online.


  1. Andrew Escobar says:

    Farewell Indeed
    While its said to think the Liberals may loose the election this Monday, this is one Liberal I’m glad to see go. She is an absolute disgrace.

    A victory for Peggy Nash is more than a victory for those in Parkdale-Highpark. Its a victory for all Canadians.

  2. Saw this coming …
    “Bulte’s response is interesting since it suggests that she’s now searching for another basis for justifying Thursday’s event.”

    Ms. Bulte seems to have learned is to be less transparent. Not quite the lesson I was hoping she would learn.

  3. Jeremy Johnson says:

    Sam Bulte
    Blogged 🙂