Yet Another Camcorder Claim

The Globe and Mail runs an interview with Ellis Jacob, the CEO of Cineplex Entertainment.  He discusses camcording and in the process changes the claim yet again – after the industry claimed that 50 and 40 percent of camcorded films can be traced to Canada (while telling the U.S. government that it is 23 percent), Jacob now tells the Globe that it is 20 percent.  He also raises another concern created by camcording, arguing that it "endangers our young employees, because they are dealing with hardened criminals for whom this is more lucrative than drugs."


  1. Funny Stuff
    hahaha “hey you der width de pocket protector, stop hor i will shoot” hahahaha

    Time to dismantle the anti-biker squad and establish a cam-corder squad with bullet proof vests. Never know when one of them there hardened criminals may take out a calculator and try to square-root them.

    lol thats too much.. and the globe publishes that crap?

  2. Steven Hodson says:

    He obviously doesn’t know the drug business very well.:)

  3. Terminology Issue
    \”Hardened criminals\”? Is he high? (pun intended)

    The theatre/cinema mode of business is dying. Adapt or die with it.

  4. epp_b said:
    “The theatre/cinema mode of business is dying. Adapt or die with it.”

    Yeah, that’s funny. If they went straight to DVD they could solve this issue completely. They make it sound like everyone in Canada goes to the theatres in order to record the movie on their phone.

    How about this: They make the DVD’s available fairly fast to cut down on the market for dismal quality DVD copies, for a reasonable price. If the price is too high, I rent. I don’t want to watch a poor copy for cheap; don’t think most people do when they can rent it on DVD fairly cheaply.

    Or, they could make all movies 3D!

  5. Cineplex just like Napster
    Isn’t Cineplex just like Napster if it allows its customer base to make illegal copies of the movies it puts on its screens? Why aren’t the studios suing Cineplex for allowing its customers to copy movies?

  6. OMG Theatre-Taping is killing the movie
    …Ummm, how many TRILLIONS of dollars is Hollywood worth? Mister Cineplex must be cookin’ something besides a good fantasy story.

  7. Why would studios sue Cineplex if they help them make money?