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Flushed Away

The AP is reporting that the FBI arrested a U.S. man for uploading a copy of the flim Flushed Away.  His source – not camcording but rather an Oscar screener copy (yes, someone apparently thought Flushed Away merited an Academy Award). 


  1. Dorkmaster Flek says:

    And they still say Canada is the leading cause of worldwide movie piracy with our lax camcording laws? What a crock. Most new movies being pirated are from screening copies of the film being leaked onto the net like this, not from camcorders. I still think they both should be stopped either way, just raising the point here. You want to stop piracy of new movies, you should look at stopping these leaks internally. You want to stop piracy of movies once they’re released on DVD, well…you’re pretty much out of luck. 🙂

  2. Law Librarian
    I was surprised to find that Flushed Away wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award based on the other nominees in the category. I thought it was a wonderful animated movie! I mean, take into account some of the other stuff that gets nominated. WHY NOT Flushed Away?! But I digress …

  3. Mr.
    Flushed away was a good movie. Nobody got killed, tortured and there wasn’t anything to explain about boys and girls. It was sweet with a very quaint, quiet sense of humor that Aardman seems to specialize in.