U.S. Pressure on Canadian IP Grows

Following on comments from U.S. Ambassador David Wilkins, U.S. Senators Feinstein and Cornyn, as well as the USTR's Special 301 Report, the U.S. Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus has joined the chorus of criticism against Canada on intellectual property law.  The Caucus released its annual report yesterday and while not yet online, media reports indicate that Canada is identified as a second tier concern (China and Russia are top tier) due to concerns over movie camcording.


  1. The US can shove it
    The US can shove it with their thought crime crap. I’m sick and tired of Americans trying to dictate Canadian law.

  2. Xetheriel says:

    I\’m sick of hearing local news outlets advertise that \”75% of north american movie camcording happens in Montreal\”.

    Its not so much that their making a big deal out of it, but the fact that they really haven\’t bothered to verify their facts before slathering it all over a news broadcast for 3 days straight. American reports have skewed the way Canadians themselves view the current issues, and the damage is becoming severe. Ontario news reports painting Montreal\’ers as movie pirates? Give me a break, and focus on some *REAL* news.