Facebook Growth in Canada

Thought Balloons has a great chart breaking down Facebook's growth in Canada over the past three months.


  1. Scott Brooks says:

    Chief Disruption Officer
    Hi Michael,

    Just wanted to let you know that today was actually the 4 month look at FaceBook Growth in Canada. [ link ]

    The article you pointed too is the 3 month. I would love to get some of your thoughts on this and how it is going to change the landscape as it continues to mature.


    Scott Brooks /

  2. Michael_S says:

    I assume the numbers shown here represent the `networks` you can join within Facebook, and not the actual geographical location the members are actually in?

    If so the problem with these numbers is that there are a limited number of networks that can be joined. Here in BC, for instance there are only two networks for the entire province, Kelowna and Vancouver. So while you cannot correlate growth to those specific cities, overall the numbers show considerable growth. It`s just pointless to break it down, not to mention the uncounted users who haven’t joined *any* network.

  3. scott brooks says:

    the numbers
    What I tried to illustrate that more the size of the actual community. there isn’t a lot of data available to digest so understanding the the size is really hard to do ….but what the snapshot does is illustrate the adoption of the social technology.

    it was the only dipstick available to gauge adoption