The DRM Free-Fall

As Bell unveils a DRM-free music store and Yahoo says it won't invest any more money in DRM-based music stores, the DRM free-fall continues, yet CRIA and its allies puzzlingly continue to focus on legal reforms tied to DRM as their primary legislative objective.

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  1. There is nothing puzzling about an organizational body that needs to show it’s members that it’s still “fighting the good fight”. Even though it’s pointless, CRIA still wants to exist.

  2. Michael, do you even read your comments?
    I read an interesting Blog Article recently, on “document.f.q.focus(); The Billion Dollar Line of JavaScript”. It’s basically a hidden marketing concept, on the popular use of having software “assist” users with their choices. I brought up the contrast of Firefox “add-ons” and other Scripts/Software, that have recently been brought up in poor light for disabling ads in web sites; even changing the way html code is viewed.

    As a mediocre developer I must say that the Open Source, or community driven projects like software and knowledge bases. These things seem to be really challenging industry lately…

    I read a good headline the other day, “There is no money in recorded music any more”.