EMI Chairman on Radiohead

"The industry, rather than embracing digitalization and the opportunities it brings for promotion of product and distribution through multiple channels, has stuck its head in the sand. Radiohead's actions are a wake-up call which we should all welcome and respond to with creativity and energy." EMI Chairman Guy Hands

One Comment

  1. Amen to that
    So why has it taken so long for EMI and the rest of the industry to realize this?

    A friend of mine had come up with different ways the whole napster ordeal could have been handled other than lawsuiting them to death. Many of which would have brought the music industry a large amount of revenue for very little work. It simply would have meant they would have to change their ways.

    Unfortunatly, the music industry is run by a bunch of dinosaurs, all of which will not respond to change until one of them dies or somebody does something drastic.

    Kudos to Radiohead for putting their necks out and trying something different. I hope other artists follow suit.