Green Party Adopts Net Neutrality in Policy Platform

The Green Party, which released its policy position document today, has called for net neutrality legislation and ISP safe harbours.  The Vision Green statement states:

The Green Party of Canada is committed to the original design principle of the internet – network neutrality: the idea that a maximally useful public information network treats all content, sites, and platforms equally, thus allowing the network to carry every form of information and support every kind of application. Green Party MPs will pass legislation granting the Internet in Canada the status of Common Carrier – prohibiting Internet Service Providers from discriminating due to content while freeing them from liability for content transmitted through their systems.

Net neutrality is unlikely to emerge as an election issue, however, the Green Party position may lead other parties to consider and disclose where they stand.


  1. its nice to see that net neutrality is making its way into the scope of canadian life. the issue has been rather lacking in the public eye, unlike in the States, where it has been a highly contentious matter for a few years now.

  2. Fairness Fairy says:

    Too bad one of their previous (and likely current) members – Richard Warman – is going around censoring individuals and had filed a failed petition with the CRTC to allow ISPs to block domains.

  3. re: Blogger
    @ Blogger: At this point, if only considering the topic of Net Neutrality, which party would you vote for?