Straight Talk at the CAB, Part One

If the Industry Canada study were not enough, CRIA has another explosive issue to address.  Late Sunday, the Canadian Association of Broadcasters passed a unanimous resolution opposing CRIA's proposal for a new reproduction right tariff that it says will cost the industry an additional $50 million per year.  The resolution states that "the CAB will take all measures to publicly oppose this egregious and abusive demand by the record labels including taking action before Parliament, the Copyright Board and the courts."

The CAB clearly does not mince words, arguing that it is CRIA's "intention to use the Copyright Act to have the private radio industry make up its losses due to file sharing." While this suggests that the CAB isn't up to speed on the Industry Canada study, it also indicates that Canadians and broadcasters may share common cause in opposing CRIA's copyright activities.  The broadcasters could be a powerful ally in this regard, since few politicians are willing to challenge the companies that control a key contact point with voters.

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