France To Adopt Three Strikes And You’re Out For File Sharing

France is about to implement new rules that will require ISPs to monitor their customers' activities and disclose file sharing activity to a new independent body.  File sharers will receive three warnings and then lose Internet access.  I appeared on the Business News Network today to discuss (about 32 minutes in).


  1. linux user
    BAH, go to the link and the business news network only allows Windows or Mac operating systems.

  2. There are few problems with this settlement.
    First, it’s only a promise from French government to adopt laws in effect to give to this new independent body the right to warn people about their illegal activities and cut off their internet access.
    But French government has been censured by Constitutional Council in past time about this activity. It’s was during the adoption of new fench law about copyright and implementation of European Directive.
    Second, in France they have also innocence presumption and it’s difficult to imagine that an independent body could judge a criminal case.
    Third when you read this settlement, ISPs have no result obligation in filtering Internet, so they don’t have to filtering internet.
    This settlement it’s only advertising for French president…

  3. Re: linux user
    Firefox User Agent Switcher: [ link ]

    Just pretend you’re using Firefox on XP or something.