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Songwriters Association of Canada Calls for Legalized P2P File Sharing

The Songwriters Association of Canada has released an important new proposal calling for the legalization of peer-to-peer file sharing.  The SAC has proposed the creation of a new right – the Right to Equitable Remuneration for Music File Sharing.  The new right would make it legal to share music on […]

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December 3, 2007 37 comments News

Ontario Chamber of Commerce Floats Counterfeit Numbers

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce is out today with a new report on intellectual property which recycles many of the demands of the copyright lobby – WIPO ratification, tougher penalties, and a handful of task forces.  What makes the report unique, however, is its claims about the size and scope of the counterfeiting issue in Canada.  The report includes the RCMP's discredited $30 billion claim and even though the RCMP has backed away from it, the report states that it is a "widely accepted" estimate. 

The Chamber's press release trumpets $22.5 billion in counterfeiting losses for Canada of which it says $9 billion comes from Ontario.  How did it arrive at this figure? 

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December 3, 2007 3 comments News

Cellphone Spectrum Set-Aside Simply Step One

Appeared in the Toronto Star on December 3, 2007 as Cellphone Spectrum Auction Only First Step Following months of intense telecom lobbying, Industry Minister Jim Prentice took to the podium last week at a Toronto hotel and unveiled the government's policy on the forthcoming spectrum auction.  Dismissing misleading claims of […]

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