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Prentice’s Plan For a Decade-Long Delay of Consumer Copyright Concerns

If the introduction of a Canadian DMCA were not bad enough, sources now indicate that Industry Minister Jim Prentice plans to delay addressing the copyright concerns of individual Canadians for years.  Rather than including consumer concerns such as flexible fair dealing, time shifting, format shifting, parody, and the future of […]

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December 6, 2007 11 comments News

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Opposed Ontario Chamber IP Report

Earlier this week, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released a report on intellectual property.  I argued that the claims were completely lacking in statistical rigour and that the Chamber did little more than embarrass itself and its members.  Apparently, one of its members was indeed embarrassed by the report and […]

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December 6, 2007 Comments are Disabled News

DMCA Architect Appears on CBC’s Search Engine

Industry Minister Jim Prentice continues to duck questions, but Bruce Lehman, the architect of the DMCA, was apparently happy to come on CBC's Search Engine program to discuss the law. His verdict? "I don't think it [DMCA] has achieved the objectives we necessarily intended."

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December 6, 2007 4 comments News

Anti-Canadian DMCA Momentum Begins to Build

The Canadian DMCA may not be introduced until next week (Tuesday is the rumoured day), but many are not waiting until the bill comes to make their views known.  Over the past few days, there has been an incredible amount of action and growing media coverage.  This includes: Letters to […]

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December 6, 2007 13 comments News