DMCA Architect Appears on CBC’s Search Engine

Industry Minister Jim Prentice continues to duck questions, but Bruce Lehman, the architect of the DMCA, was apparently happy to come on CBC's Search Engine program to discuss the law. His verdict? "I don't think it [DMCA] has achieved the objectives we necessarily intended."


  1. Andrew Butash says:

    If he’s referring to the objective of fast tracking the legislation without the public noticing like the anti-camcording law, then I’d say he’s correct. However, if their objectives were to commit political suicide among tech-savvy voters, mission accomplished!

  2. Which DMCA?
    Since he’s talking like it’s already been deployed long enough to have noticed it’s unintended consequences, I assume he’s talking about the original, U.S. DMCA?

    If so, then that’s a good thing, having it’s architect say it may not have been as good an idea as they originally thought…

  3. Russell McOrmond says:

    Lehman architect

    Bruce Lehman is the architect of the underlying policy that became the 1996 WIPO treaties and then the USA DMCA. While it takes many people to push through policy, he is the initial architect of this bad idea being implemented in any country it has been implemented in.

    It is scary to realize that even though he admits the policy failed, he is still oblivious of the reasons why. Asked what he would do if he had it to do over again, he would have created something that would have failed even worse.

    [ link ]

  4. Comp Tech
    If this law was to ever pass, everyone and everything will be hurt. One ISP will become dry because there is no use of getting high speed if u can sample music and no one is going to wait 2 hours to get 4mb of a digital compress file. 2 sales of mp3 players DVD players and all of entertainment will be lost; what the point of having an IPOD, if mp3 don’t exist? Sure there iTunes but it digital compressed files quality is horrible beyond belief especially if played in cars and no one want to buy CDS because only 2-3 song are probably good 20$ for a CD with data on it?. There is no point of it I have who whom is fighting for our right to download fight harder because am sure their own family member do the same thing! Over all the Canadian market will crash. Because of throttling! Simpatico are a lot of their customers. Why care Canadian getting scared of the America? Why because they might come over and tazer us? WHY DID COMCAST JUST UPGRADE THERE SERVER to 100 GB/s fiber optic?
    I PERSONALY SAY THIS BILL WILL NEVER PASS, nor will it ever because of stupidity like this