Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Moves Forward

The DFAIT consultation on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement has still not concluded (you have until April 30th to file a submission), yet reports now indicate that the negotiations are moving forward at a rapid clip.  The European Council of Ministers have reportedly given their approval to the treaty which will allow negotiations to "start in earnest."   In other words, the Canadian government is asking Canadians what they think, while at the same time negotiating the substance of the treaty that some hope to conclude by the end of the year.

One Comment

  1. Just going through the motions
    They understand that they have to ask the public. What they haven’t understood is that they are also supposed to listen. It reminds me of someone with a new haircut asking “how do I look?”… they’re not really asking for your input! For a government though, I’d hope for a more mature approach. *sigh*