More Support for CAIP

L'Union des Consommateurs, a leading Quebec-based consumer rights group, has filed a submission in support of CAIP in the Bell throttling case.  Meanwhile, the CRTC has posted hundreds of comments from individual Canadians who are also siding with CAIP.


  1. Where’s my complaint?
    Mmmmn, that’s odd! I have written 2 complaints to the CRTC and my name is not on the list. I wonder if there should be a lot more names on that list?

  2. finding info on the CRTC website?
    How did you get the link to that list of comments? The CRTC website is absolutely unusable.

  3. Form letter comments
    I’m not sure it helps that all those comments were the same. If you to the trouble of submitting a comment, make it your own.