CIRA’s New WHOIS Policy To Take Effect in June

The Canadian Trademark Blog notes that after years of consultations and discussion, CIRA has finally committed to a date for implementing its revised WHOIS policy.  As of June 10, 2008, CIRA will no longer release information about individual registrants.  Registrants can still opt-in to having their information posted to the public.  CIRA will also establish a message delivery form that will allow people to contact registrants without accessing their contact information.


  1. This is a good thing. This should be done for .com and .net as well. it’s asking for abuse to be forced to put up your full contact info, especially if you’re just a private webmaster putting up a personal website. I’d never submit my real info. The hosting company has all my details anyways, that’s good enough.

  2. One Word:

    I wrote to request my information be removed from my whois listing, for fear some crazy person would take offence to something I may have written on my site and use my whois to find me. It does, after all, post ALL of my personal information…

    Want to kill my family in a fit of rage? Just search the CIRA whois database and you’ll have a map to my bedroom. Awesome.

    The world is not all rainbows and sunshine.

  3. More Needed
    Agreed that this is much overdue. However, many improvements are still needed — i.e., updating whois information and completing registrar transfers for .ca domains are still unduly slow/time consuming.