TV Rules Set for a Shake Up

The Toronto Star previews the CRTC's sweeping hearings on broadcast regulation that kick off this week.


  1. Perhaps the CBC bittorrent move had mean
    Perhaps the CBC bittorrent move had meaning after all
    if producers and publishers are forced to idiot laws via standard distribution i can see why cbc decided to try bittorrent, hastle free distribution not to mention cost effective.
    hint hint.

  2. better get downloading
    better get downloading you tv now before the conservatives force us all to watch leave it to beaver, whethar were adults or not….

  3. Jack Robinson says:

    TV Rules?
    Given the CRTC’s limp as linguine rulings of late… that they’re actually considering the ‘free market merits’ of allowing Rogers, Shaw and Bell Express-Vu to tier-package even more Gringo Crap content into their carrier monopolies while undercutting Showcase, Bravo, TSN and other native networks’ competitive programming edge only confirms that our once-staunch, publicly-mandated media watchdog has been Neo-Con neutered into little more than a barking chihuahua in Bordertown Ottawa.

  4. TV Rulz!
    TV rules? That is like talking about Cocaine rules. Ultimately it’s the pusher that wins because the user still has that monkey they can’t shake.