CTV and ABC Strike Online Drama Deal

The Globe and Mail reports that CTV and ABC have struck a deal to stream episodes of Lost, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy in Canada.


  1. Those three titles make up 9% of The Pirate Bay’s present top 100.

  2. \\\”Written by 300baud on 2008-04-28 07:14:46
    Those three titles make up 9% of The Pirate Bay\\\’s present top 100.\\\”

    Maybe that\\\’s why they\\\’re going online, because it\\\’s out there anyway and at least this way they can derive more advertising dollars! If I personally can get away from commercials and being manipulated by marketing BS like I can with internet radio then the \\\”Bay\\\” would be my ally in all of this.
    The great thing about the internet is the ability to cut out all of the evil corporate interests and get pure content, because I really don\\\’t like being manipulated. It\\\’s the reason I stay away from TV and FM radio and I love internet radio. As far as I can see, all entertainment is going the way of the music recording industry and that is why this fight for net neutrality is such a large issue and will be fought tooth and nail by the large entertainment corporations and content distributors. They need to control the politicians who are going to be writing up all of these new rules and regs if they are going to stay alive and maintain their ability to keep trying to manipulate us with advertising. Bell and the other handfull of Telcoms are currently trying to write these rules themselves and fit into the much larger scheme of things through throttling to protect their new content delivery interests and they must lose this battle and Net Neutrality \\\”MUST\\\” prevail. I would predict that plugs and product placement are going to be so much more prevalent inside the actual content in the future so that more advertising dollars can be derived regardless of whether or not annoying commercials are involved. The whole subliminal advertising guidelines will probably be revisited as well. At least, when that happens I can still choose whether or not to watch the programs that will get so polluted that they can no longer be called art! I think I digressed a bit, but in actual fact it\\\’s all related.