CBC’s Spark Crowdsources Interview with Bell

CBC Radio's Spark, a great weekly program on culture and technology, is focusing next week on access issues including net neutrality and broader Internet access concerns. The program will include an interview with Bell Canada and they are encouraging listeners to post their questions here.


  1. Get your comments and questions over the
    You just know Bell’s rep will be spewing tonnes of BS in this upcoming interview. Get your comments and questions up ASAP over at that site so he is grilled HARD!
    Bell is in the wrong in every way over their throttling and Net Neutrality, so I can’t wait to see how weaselly he looks in this interview. Kind of like an interview with a Cigarette company official trying to say their product is not addictive or harmful! You know that twitchy, liar-faced, weasel look they get! To be honest, I can’t even believe he would do a public interview on these topics.

  2. Roberto Rocha says:

    Crowdsourcing interviews
    The Montreal Gazette did something similar. Here is the result:

    [ link ]

  3. Suggestion for a question
    I asked about their request for the CRTC to stop forcing them to provide wholesale DSL to smaller internet providers. I think it’s important, as those small ISPs are the only place left to get good service, apparently.