Statscan Reports Open Source Software Use on the Rise

Statistics Canada reports that open source software use is on the rise among Canadian private sector firms.  Seventeen percent report using open source software, up from 10 percent last year.  Given that the numbers are likely far higher, my guess is that this reflects the growing awareness of open source software.


  1. John Meadows says:

    Numbers higher
    If they asked this question of CIO’s then the number would be higher; a lot of Open source runs under the radar, and some CIO’s think that if you’re not running Linux on the Desktop you’re not using Open Source.

  2. michael gates says:

    Free and open
    With the prospect of upgrading to Vista,having to replace all the computers in the shop and being locked in to proprietary formats,no wonder smart private sector firms are looking for other options.Open source does the job, most of the time does it better and as a user you have control over your documents.