An ACTRA Member Speaks Out on C-61

An absolute must-read post on C-61 from Jason Chesworth, an ACTRA member who laments "how can ACTRA continue to bash our collective heads against the brick wall of government (censorship, arts funding) and keep coming up empty-handed, AND THEN – hand copyright and intellectual property control over to the very people that don't want to pay us anything for our work."

Chesworth follows up that post with a total takedown of the ACTRA "myths and facts" document. 

One Comment

  1. Jourdelune says:

    What is the most revolting, is they are trying to remove our fundamentals right:

    1- Civilizations had always been in control of their cultures. The Culture is the mix of all art content created. To created art content, everybody learn from what had been to transform it and do better.

    So, C-61 putting a lot of controls over media, put lock-in the art content and remove all the applications that can help anyone learning how to do better in the digitals worlds, because they want to remove the tools to do so.

    2- The right to share. Sharing is a fundamentals aspect of a society. It is a profound aspect of any Christian around the world. Putting law against sharing, even in the new era of the digital worlds, become against the thing that my religion learn me to do. Even with or without religion meaning, sharing bring people closer together. Sharing is the act to help is neighbor and been help in return. No freaking corporation can dictate me not to share what I had bought. No freaking corporation could sue me, because I am protected by a greater power, God. 😉

    3- The right to do whatever I feel to with what I bought. If I want to break my things, it\’s my own experiences that I pay for. If I want to analyse a Digital ways of showing content, I should do it. It is called learning what is around you to be better with it. Coming here and giving me a criminals tag because I want to learn how the thing I buy are made, is revolting. It\’s the right to LEARN thing that is in danger. When corporation will criminalize the learning process in civilization, well… it\’s the time to call the Armageddon.

    Copyright are namely wrong. It\’s not copyright that need to be legislate, it\’s doing money on the work of others that is a crime. It should be a copyright sales only law, not a law that break citizens fundamentals right.