Angus and Prentice Face Off During Question Period

Fresh off his Search Engine interview, Industry Minister Jim Prentice faced more questions during Question Period from NDP MP Charlie Angus. 


  1. Prentice says the same thing over and over again. I’d be so frustrated if I was Charlie Angus. He actually comes up with valid arguments and then Prentice regurgitates that same irrelevant crap!

  2. Gulp!
    I think Prentice swallowed an 8-track loop tape.

  3. Dodge much?
    It\’s utterly amazing his ability to gloss over the fact that he wants to give content owners the right to take away everything single one of the \”made in Canada\” exemptions that he\’s so proud of.

  4. idiocy
    What make me even angrier is that I have to digest a bill which will worsen my daily activities and the guy who introduced it is not even able to defend it. If you were defending your degree thesis, Mr. Prentice, you’d have failed. We all know you didn’t wrote it, did you at least read it?

  5. Andrew Butash says:

    What about the rest of the opposition?
    I love Charlie Angus and all, but is anybody else openly grilling Prentice or the Conservative government on this bill? The Liberals might say they’re against it, but when push comes to shove will they even vote? To hell with this, I’m voting NDP next election.

  6. I do believe that it is truly time for the NDP to get their crack at forming a government in this country besides I vote against the incumbents come election time (Conservative – Government, Liberal – My MP).

    The Conservatives are idiots if they think this bill will pass and the Liberals have no balls to speak against it and will probably abstain (as usual) when this bill actually gets voted on.

    However, I do have some faith in the Senate sending this god-awful bill back to the House of Commons with sober second thoughts.