Red Hat Founder Speaks Out Against Copyright Reform

Red Hat founder (and Hamilton Tiger Cats owner) Bob Young speaks out against Canadian copyright reform as part of the CSIA launch.


    Of course he is against it , the adoption rate of linux as a percentage is higher here. WHY? Cause we used to be anyhow more shall i use the pun Tech Savvy.

    Having a competitive edge in business markets requires some forward thinking such as ones use of FOSS or OSS.
    FOSS = free as in beer and open source
    OSS = open source but not totally free.

    If one were to free the govt model from MS XP.
    What would we really save. 100-200$ per gov’t computer.

  2. Crosbie Fitch says:

    Free as in free speech
    Free software – Software that manumits its licensees – recursively

    Open Source – Software whose license facilitates open/visible/public collaborative development

    Not much difference really apart from motivation/philosophy.

    If you want a license that attempts to assure that the software is free of charge to its users then check out Affero/AGPL.