deBeer on Copyright Spin

My colleague Jeremy deBeer considers whether Bill C-61 is win-win or spin-spin in the National Post.


  1. He brings up an interesting point
    Consider the Sony Rootkit. Arguably this was a privacy violation. So, even though it is a TPM, it would be legal to remove it. Oops, making, or distributing the tools to remove it, is against this law.

    Did I just give Sony an idea?

  2. Crosbie Fitch says:

    Another Idea
    Here’s another idea you might find amusing:

    If you encrypt the files you’re sharing with a TPM to prevent unauthorised access, how can anyone determine whether they contain copyrighted material distributed without authorisation? Especially since the DMCA prohibits circumvention of such a TPM and the tools necessary to do so.

    I call this Schrödinger’s Copyright ( [ link ] ).