Bob Rae Calls for an Open Copyright Debate

While there is considerable media attention this morning on Jim Prentice (stories on the wikipedia issue and future leadership possibilities), it is very interesting to note that another MP touted as a potential future leader just waded into the copyright debate.  Liberal MP Bob Rae maintains a blog and has posted When Piracy Isn't: ACTA and New Copyright Legislation.  Rae warns against the potential dangers of ACTA and overly intrusive copyright reforms.  In what could be seen as a direct challenge to Prentice, Rae concludes:

Can these colliding worlds be reconciled? Yes, they can, but only if political leaders understand that we're living in a different time and a different world. And there's no sign that they really do – hence the clash of generations, values, and interests. Someone has to speak for the public and the public interest, and that should be the government. Let's open up the debate and get this out into the public domain.

With the NDP's Charlie Angus raising the issue again yesterday in the House of Commons, a party divide on copyright may be emerging.


  1. Good stuff
    Finally! Let’s all hope that ball gets rolling – time for more of our elected officials to step up & actually represent our interests. You know, like how Prentice has stepped up & represented US interests…

  2. Fire him
    Jim Prentice should be fired. If something is signed and agreed on in secret, we no longer live within a democracy.

  3. Kudos to Mr. Rae and Mr. Angus for getting it and fighting for our interests.

    As for Prentice, please get out as you are a complete embarrassment to this country as our Industry Minister.

  4. A NEW VISION says:

    MR rae are you listening
    ya bob boy knows the last time someone in toronto favored the MPAA they got the boot, remember that boingboing campaign?

    Lest we forget how TRULY unpopular a law like this is and all it does is put the actual piracy into criminal hands.

    I would say this as part of our taxes we all pay why not pay an extra 5$ a month and just give 1$ to the isps to build faster networks ( and you only get it if you build and make faster) and the rest to artists and movie makers, and even a small amount say 20cents of that could go in place of the last tax thing of C-10
    that for forward thinking.
    Ends any piracy brings the industry a stable 1-2 billion per year , not bad for a population 33 million

    imagaine this on a 6 billion planetary scale.
    5$ suddenly looks a tad expensive don\’t it?

    Also you could have govt run or people apply to run trackers that can give the govt stats, ban foriegn ips and ban proxies. This is a solution to prevent non signees of this kind of treaty that as they sign on get access.
    MY WAY IS THE FUTURE ….WATCH a form of this levy will happen and all it takes is someone big like warner borthers who is looking seriously at the idea, and a govt willing to ask canadians WOULD YOU WANT THE DMCA or this type thing.
    MY ANSWER ill pay 5$ rather then 20000$ i can\’t afford and then do 5.5 years in jail at 40,000$ a year to the taxpayer , in other words every pirate fined past 3650$
    going to jail for that year will actually cost taxppayers 40000$.
    With the GM layoffs, forestry sector going poof, and oil prices through the roof, you can see why minister prentice is making a great mistake.

  5. Gordon P. says:

    “Jim Prentice should be fired. If something is signed and agreed on in secret, we no longer live within a democracy.”

    Fired? Thats a good one! Operating in secrecy while claiming transparency is the standard m.o. of neo-cons. Dr. Stevil will probably promote him for his outstanding dedication to the master plan.

  6. Anonymous says:

    “why not pay an extra 5$ a month…the rest to artists and movie makers”
    Lots of reasons.
    We already give $30 million a year to big music through the tariffs on recordable media.
    And what about every other content format that is shared freely – photographers, software developers, writers? An extra few bucks for them too? And how does anyone make sure it gets to them?
    Pretty soon none of us will be able to afford internet access if we go down this path.
    How about this – Stop This Insanity. If you don’t want your stuff copied, hide it away and lock it up. If it’s too late and it’s already out there, start making some new stuff and hide it away.

  7. fact is
    Actually you get rid of that levy and this replaces it
    and ill say this about you if you place an picture on the internet your an idiot, same with full version software

    And i will ask you what is wrong about NON commercial use of your photo and software, is anyone making money yet?????
    thats what this does
    for movies and entertainment you get paid, software you get paid when they have to use your software in a business world same with photo’s

    existing law looks after that.

  8. OH YA
    and its up around 60 mill a year now
    simple 1$ a year would be double that per year…..
    no human i have yet met wouldnt pay even the 5$ a month let alone a measly 1$.

    This also would cover the isps legally and let us all give them a tiny bit ( managed by an oversite commitee ) that makes traffic shaping a thing of the past and infrastructure invests continue and speeds go up insteal of like last night i actually had double dial up speeds, last time i was that slow was 1996.

  9. do the math
    do the math at 24cents per cdr
    think how many cdrs we canucks have that prentice says are to become illegal
    PER DOWNLOAD FINE 500-20000
    that most wont or cant pay
    means a 40000 dollar year jail trip at
    50 days to 2000 days( 5.5 years) on taxpayers ride.

    in hte news , Hollywood takes all the cash from canada’s oil and resouces and bankrupts them cause everyone but harper is in jail, NOW hes king of it all

  10. Todd Sieling says:

    That’s great news to have Rae’s voice in there. He’s sure to draw more attention from the general public on what’s up for change in the Prentice bill.

  11. To the troll
    So lacking in vision. Its not that we “just want free stuff” we want the future the internet has promised. We don’t want trolls like you trying to smash the digital world into a smaller less functional shape that will fit into your legislated business models.
    Most of us don’t mind paying, I have paid plenty over the years, we just don’t want to pay the way people like you want to force us to through draconian laws and court battles.
    The future is going to run you over – keep up this law making campaign and your going to end up with fully encrypted, decentralized, anonymous file sharing and then what will you do?

  12. The answer, Paul, is eventually stop producing the stuff that you want to share. Have any of you stopped to think why the world is dominated by major corporations? Why there are so few small guys still in business?

  13. Troll
    And then what? Big deal, 95% of that content is lame, boring or just not interesting. You need to understand something, smart people will will pay for quality cultural products, not for some mass produced pop music, retarded tv shows, etc… The industry doesn’t care about quality but about profit and safe bets. They forgot what real risk is, and this is a game they’ll have to pay if they want to keep raking in millions eventually.

  14. Wrong: Don’t expect the levy to go away, in various forms, it predates the internet. And in any case, weren’t the levies put in place to compensate the publishers (and theoretically to a lesser extent the artists) for revenue losses due to people format shifting, making backup copies, etc?

  15. developer says:

    the impoverishment of the west
    You see troll, here in the west, the middle class was wiped off by the major corporations outsourcing most of the jobs to save few bucks. The result is that in the complex there are less money for everybody. The big corporations as business entities in this new unbalanced schema (which was created by themselves) are not sustainable anymore. The high prices of entertainment is due mostly to overhead costs. As a professional software developer I had to reduce my tariffs in order to compete with the “piracy” of outsourcing. It is time that big corporation reduce their income too. Here in the west we are becoming poorer and poorer every day until most of people won’t be able to afford any “not essential” entertainment any more.