Made-in-America Copyright Law

So says the editorial page at the Victoria Times-Colonist.

Update: The Nanaimo Daily News adds that the bill is "not enforceable, impractical, and inappropriate." 


  1. Ah, it mentions the whole downloading = shoplifting = lost sale argument again. Ottawa has the right to criminalize half the country? Whatever.

  2. Thank You
    I shared the article with Minister Prentice and my MP.

  3. Who is the editor?
    Good read, thanks for the link. Have referenced this on my site:
    [ link ]

  4. Skewing the Stats
    “This hardline approach was likely meant to appease the entertainment industry, which has suffered from the development in technology that allows peer-to-peer file sharing.
    It’s understandable that singers, actors and their production companies would want to recoup their losses.”

    The first thing they might want to do in this regard is ALLOW Canadian citizens to purchase music online instead of leaving P2P as our only option! After all, try getting a major label’s music from Nettwerk, eMusic, or if you run Linux or live in Canada ( is particularly telling as the labels will not allow them to sell MP3 downloads to Canadians).

    My best guess for the Amazon stunt is to skew the stats on Canadian digital music sales which we’ve been told are dismal without a DMCA-like law here 8-|