“Made Worse in Canada”

A readers points to a new audio mashup of Prentice, Angus, and various media clips discussing Canadian copyright reform.


  1. Another upset Canadian says:

    Direct download link
    Direct download link, just in case: [ link ]

    (the link in the post is a link to a web page).

  2. Make a movie from it
    Great mashup. It should be made as a video and posted on youTube. It could be made as a slide show with the text of what it is said and the name of the speaker. It would have a great audience (I would do it myself but English is not my first language and I would not be able to transcript all the audio).

  3. Anonymous says:

    They are saying it too fast, so, the images of copyright criminals along with “Troika” of Prentice, Wilkins and Bush would be better.

    If you want audio transcripts, search the excerpts you want within domain using Google.