Prentice Ordered to Change Chief of Staff

Although not yet reflected on GEDS, the Hill Times reports that Industry Minister Jim Prentice has been ordered to change his chief of staff.  Jean-Sebastien Rioux is out and Stephen Kelly, who was the senior policy person and the lead on copyright, is in.  A Prentice spokesperson acknowledged that "it's not the Minister's choice to see J.S. leave. . . "


  1. The probably think that the policy wonk for copyright can actually argue Bill C61 effectively. How wrong they are; no one is capable of providing an “effective” argument for Bill C-61 in its present form.

  2. Still waiting for Prentice to respond
    Perhaps that explains why I’m still waiting for a response to my June 14th email on the proposed copyright legislation.

  3. Policy? We don’t need no stinking polic
    Whoever the Conservatives are listening to, it’s clearly not Canadians. I don’t know how they figure a Conservative policy hack will be able to defend legislation that got dictated from Washington DC.