Jim Prentice’s Stampede Breakfast

Several groups are pulling together plans to attend Industry Minister Jim Prentice's Stampede Breakfast this Saturday (1, 2, 3).  If you're in Calgary, bring along a donation for the Children's Cottage Society and make your voice heard.


  1. maupassant says:

    facebook-based organization
    Apparently facebook has blacklisted the domain for my email spam-protection forwarding service, so, having hardly used facebook at all, I’m now excluded from all activities organized through facebook– which seems to mean _everything_ in the Canadian copyright reform movement. … A shade of things to come?

  2. Use another forwarding service

    Register your domain (an NS entry at service will do) and point its MX to MX record. That way you can use with your domain for sites that blacklist common spam-protection forwarding services.

  3. Please bump this to frontpage
    Prof. Geist, please put an announcement regarding these breakfast events to the front page so that it is noticed faster!

  4. Brad Neufeldt says:

    Just gotta say, not everyone is on Facebook/Crackbook. And not everyone wants to be. Why not post a screenshot or at least the event information (when, & where).

  5. Here is a remix featuring Jim Prentice
    Here is a remix featuring Jim Prentice.

    Download it from this page (Click on filename after the page has loaded):

    [ link ]

    Artist: Upset Canadian
    Title: Made Worse in Canada (feat. Jim Prentice)
    Description: This clip is about the controversial Canadian Copyright Bill C-61, recently tabled in the House of Commons…

    It’s mostly Jim Prentice and Charlie Angus, but also Howard Knopf (with his “Made Worse in Canada” name of this bill) and many other MPs from the House of Commons as well as some artists.

  6. Copyright Flapjacks
    At Jim Prentice’s Stampede breakfast, will he serve flapjacks using a recipe printed on the pancake mix package? Will he distribute these flapjacks, using this recipe, for the enjoyment of all the attendees at his breakfast? Will he also provide these flapjacks in exchange for a cash donation to a charity?