UK Government Launches Data Mashup Contest

The BBC reports that the UK Government is making gigabytes of government data freely available as it encourages the public to develop innovative mashups with the information.  There is a prize fund for the best ideas for using data such as mapping information, medical data, and neighbourhood statistics.

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  1. Maynard G. Krebs says:

    More for Liz
    Her Majesty The Queen, in Right of Canada owns the copyright to all federal publications and data. Under C-61 if you do a mashup of this data you’d be subject to prosecution and penalties.

    Now I’m sure that Liz is a nice person and really doesn’t want her subjects to be unjustly punished, or for her to become unjustly enriched, but her servant – the Prime Minister of Canada is leading her subjects down the garden path with Bill C-61. Perhaps Liz out to ask her representative in Canada – the Governor General – to request the resignation of the current government and offer leadership of the country to the Liberals.