“They Haven’t Waited for the DMCA”

A blog reader posts another C-61 mashup titled "They Haven't Waited for the DMCA."


  1. dmca=terrible
    this whole idea of the C-61 copyright bill/DMCA is extremely hurtful for students/teachers who rely on other media outlets for learning purposes.
    thank you for posting this, Michael.

  2. Maupassant says:

    … that this should provide an example of overly restrictive distribution. It refuses to download via “unsupported browsers”- which apparently includes the latest Firefox and the latest Opera. Only IE perhaps? Can you say “clueless”?

  3. Just used Firefox 3.0.1 and downloaded the mashup with no problem.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Downloaded the mix from mediafire using Opera, with no problem.

    There is also a mirror on, in the original comment:

    [ link ]

    Maybe that site can work in your case.