Canada’s Top 25 Political Blogs

With law and technology issues becoming increasing fodder for political discussion, this blog has just been ranked as Canada's top political blog for August 2008 in the Canada's Top 25 Political Blogs.  The ranking is based on a criteria that includes Google page rank and Alexa traffic numbers.


  1. Readers crashed this blog
    On the day the bill C-61 was introduced, readers crashed this blog because so many wanted live updates about the bill.

  2. Tough Sell
    Congratulations Micheal and friends. This is good to see. I started reading this blog when I became aware of DRM and it’s dangers via Star-force and Cory Doctorow. I was a victim as well. Bill C-60 (Liberals) was a another point of interest leading me here.

    Future generations will grow up being even more savvy and cunning then us. By their own doing, things like DMCA, DRM, and corporate greed will make for generations of hard-nosed, well informed, students of law consumers. Thanks to blogs like this, it will be very tough times for future media corporations to sell anything without intense scrutiny. However, they deserve it; lying in cesspools of deceit and lies.