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61 Reforms to C-61, Day 40: TPMs – No Regular Review Process

The U.S. DMCA experience leaves little doubt that the introduction of anti-circumvention legislation will create some unintended consequences.  No matter how long the list of circumvention rights and other precautionary measures, it is impossible to identify all future concerns associated with anti-circumvention legislation.  The U.S. DMCA addresses this by establishing a flawed tri-annual review process.  The system has not worked well, creating a formidable barrier to new exceptions and long delays to address emerging concerns.

As bad as the U.S. system is, the proposed Canadian system under Bill C-61 is worse since there is no mandated review of the exceptions at all.  Instead, Canada gets a flexible process that will allow the government to consider new exceptions if and when it sees fit.  In other words, the same government that brought you the Canadian DMCA will decide if there is a need to add any exceptions. Section 41.2 (1) provides that:

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Langley Times Features Op-Ed on C-61

The Langley Times features an op-ed on the "severely flawed" C-61.

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More Culture Funding Cuts Coming

The Globe and Post report that the government is slashing several more arts funding programs, including a small contribution focused on digitizing Canadian sound recordings.

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