Charlie Angus on Digital Issues and the Election publishes an editorial by NDP MP Charlie Angus on the election and key digital issues such as copyright and net neutrality.


  1. hmmm
    I’m still stuck in my decision.

    I’m 100% for and behind Charlie Angus. Been following his web site and his agenda since he sparked my interest when he spoke out on neutrality. But I know diddly about the NDP… never voted them before and to be honest, they never crossed my mind till Charlie Angus spoke.

    Charlie Angus has a following it appears… So i’m not alone in standing with him on his digital agenda.

    Any others in the same boat?

    Vote NDP for a change?

  2. each vote counts
    Will vote NDP though my riding is predominantly liberal.

    Because each vote counts: each vote gives a certain dollar amount for a party in future funding. So, there is no point in “voting for the likely winner”.

  3. NDP supporter
    Voted NDP, am voting NDP, and always with NDP. Politics are all about who talks the ‘talk’ better, it’s all bull in the end. NDP is the only party I can at least have some hope in.