Conservatives Facing New Copyright Controversy

This time it isn't Bill C-61.  Instead, the Conservatives website faces claims of copyright infringement and demands to take down content.


  1. WIN
    can I be the first to say… BAHAHAHA

    Now they truly know why Canadians spoke out against their legislation it just took a little karma for them to figure it out.

  2. neo con thieves says:

    neo con thieves
    na it smore like

    and they FAIL nicely LOL
    spread the words


    should get news coverage eventually….

  3. facebook
    oh an new facebook is totally fucked up i cant find groups anymore

    nice move you bone heads
    look for facebook to completely die inside a month

  4. groups- facebook says:

    little tiny tiny button on the bottom

  5. Conservative copyright infringement is f
    Jim Prentice was caught infringing Google copyright! here:

    [ link ]

  6. This is why I’m voting Liberal
    The conservatives are a joke, they say they want to crack down on copyright infringement and then turn around and infringe left and right. They have GOT TO GO! I don’t have any love for the Liberal’s either, but it’s better to have a corrupt Canada, than a Corrupt 51st state of the USA.

  7. You know what they say
    Liberals steal my money
    Conservatives steal my freedom.